Shell Shock

by Side

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released January 1, 2012

Produced & Mixed by Yosi Shitrit

Strings Arrangements by Yosi Shitrit & Shahar Yampolsky

Yosi Shitrit – Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars.
Shai Zrihan – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals.
Shahar Yampolsky – Keyboards & synthesizers, Backing Vocals.
Or Dahan – Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Itamar Abuhatzira – Drums & Percussion

Nir Rave-Biderman – sound engineer in concerts
Mastered by Jon Astley, England.

Cover Artwork & Graphic Design by Usher Ben-Ishay

Photography: Ma'ayan Kaufman

Management & Booking agent: Shai Zrihan



all rights reserved


Side Israel

Side was established in 2003, in the desert city of Beer-Sheva, in southern Israel. The band's music combines innovative electronic elements, warm harmonic rock sounds, inspired by the Classic rock music of the 70's and the Alternative rock of the last two decades. The band Toured Europe in Nov.07 and these days they are working on their second album ... more

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Track Name: Blank Misgivings
Did I trip?
Is it me, down this road helplessly?
Growing old, need a steer
Lost my rank instantly

This can't be everything we've promised, fooled again
Our desperate eyes they were misguided and misread
This can't be everything we've managed to explain
While every hope we had is washing down the drain
You know that everything will be the same again
You know it's time that we must fight and take a stand

Years have passed, blank misgivings
Missed my fate, feel so blunt
Don’t think twice there's no meaning
Time to strive, resurrect…
Track Name: Holy I
Nurturing my wall, slowly... Nothing will invade
Wash and shine my mirrors, Shut the evening lights
"Only I will bring you more"- my voice is dying

HOLY what happened?
I've never seen this side in you before
So real, my temper, distort…

Paralyzed and numb, slowly fears were swept aside
Wash and shine my scissors, Shell my skin for now
If only I could bring you war…"-(my) our hands are tied""

HOLY I will bring you war!!!
Slowly what you were afraid the most
Will crawl into your door!!!
Track Name: Morning Rays
You can climb on to my roof top cause a mess
Wake the neighbors call the cops or take this with
My blessing and the dirty things we used to play along
Now they brought the trampolines I'm still in bed
An impressive crowd below
Maybe it's your time to go

Morning rays stays away from you
Red-eye days terrified beyond
Lonely games you play, you win or lose

When you're feeling pretty I just close the door
You won't see me greening when you swallowed all
My blessing and the dirty things we used to play along
An impressive crowd below
Maybe it's your time to go
Track Name: Nowhere
Baby I won't beg
Struggle you… play tricks…
Dragging my old legs, Secrets lie within
Breaking my own cell
Banished to the hills
Lately I don't fit, running to the mist

Where stars die, fill my head with glancing hopes (gone…)
I'll need some rest to comfort me
Where I wave my hands but getting nowhere…

Baby I won't fake
"Lucky" you may think
Throwing my old lens, wallow through the fields
Mending my old ways
"Changing" you may say
Lately I don’t fear, running to the mist

Away she walks…

Waiting for…

Track Name: Politics
Pay my bills, Inter my ideas
Behold… I am free! I've waived my faiths

Politics tells you to vote
And Nowadays you'd better be blind than ever
Courtiers Stand at your door
Scams that will make you obey

Hypocrites all around
Shallow Words they speak
Divided soul inside
They're teaching you to change
My mind is growing numb

Paid my bills, waived my faith
Am I free?!?
Ignorance is my I.D
Track Name: Corridors
Take off the armor
And crawl behind your bed
Bright lights have changed to silence
Lie down
Like a doll you have been frozen


Corridors inside you
So cold to hold beyond
Your time has wished disaster
Lie down
Track Name: Lost
Lost your ways in maze of conscious
Through your mind you try to find the sense
You turn the page

Lost your faith with guilty conscience
Asking me to try and take the chance
But you have changed

Wasting stars, the Dawn will rise
With Fading smiles embrace the night

Lost your trace as you go backwards
Phony trails you march won't lead you there
You should have stayed

I've lost and found my envious side
My selfish pride is running out
Track Name: Empires Down
Twisting my time
Clocks stretched unrest
Empires down, wear your crown
Come save me now
Lost stairs are blocked
God speed your ways
when I'm gone
More or less, don’t curse…

I'm barely hanging on to see the falling walls
With Baring hands and filthy bleeding Claw's
Demands we had in fact were made to take control
Forgot the reason for it all

We had our chance
And both failed the test
Empires down, where's your crown
More or less, don’t curse!!!

Maybe I'm the stupid one you taught to crawl
Dressing wounds won't heal the empty soul
You won't deny that you're the one who made me fall
For you again
Track Name: Autumn
Tiny steps towards you
You always move
Mirror loss reflection
And blurred you stood
Riot in my head
Still points at you

Rails bear me to myself (High Tension fear grows inside)
Face my interrogation (Eyes blinking sleep wanders off)

Funny how it turns
By knowing you
Heavy glow has shone
The rope is loose

Rails… try to find direction (High Tension fear grows inside)
Chains… try to get redemption (I'm drifting, will not be drowned)

The Waves are high this time, and I can't be myself
This autumn never end's
In derelict yard where I am placed
You know it's raining every day, ain't it all seems like fate?
Track Name: Picture It Now
We are walking right into the mud
So defenseless and heavily armed
My irrational way of thinking been compromised
We are talking like idiots now
Like the stuttering words of a drunk man
It’s the obvious way of living picture it now

Standing in April showers
Fed with a silver spoon and starving
Its gonna take a while
We could have found some better options
Maybe we'll get some rest
Picture it now

Your reflection is holding a gun
And the instinct that tells you to run
It’s the obvious way of leaving
Track Name: Holy II
Buried my soul
Too long to try and disinter
Miracles they don’t come these days
Where's the light?
Where's the path we've shared?

Waif in this world
Who saw our guardian angel?
Who'll change this course….?

This is all I am
Drawing all my fears in vain
Bursting hopes turned to more despair
Where're you from?
I won't be estranged

HOLY I will bring you war!!!
Slowly what you were afraid the most
Will crawl into your door!!!